Saturday, December 31, 2011

The UAITA is here, sort of:


You have to laugh at the absurd. Consider this, KMVT did a bit on their news about drinking and driving. At the end of it they suggested if one has too much to drink, call AAA, which by the way will call ME, or at least one of us from Dixie A1 out to drag your ass and ride home free. Yet no one called, from the Voice of Burley, nor the frigging Weekly News Journal. Again the locals wonder why I am reluctant in joining the local Chamber of Commerce etc. The only reason I still might is so that I can put the blade in the side of many of our adversaries and twist.

Heard that someone was planning on planting a bomb at the headquarters of the newspaper in Burley called the Voice. Heard that the person involved got pissed off about being ignored by them as we in the Knytes  have been, and plans on blowing that public gathering of the Relief Society of Mini Cassia, called a newspaper office up on the 5th of January at 1:00PM.

Serve em right if someone did. Oh well.

Been conversing with a group on line on FaceBook about the values and all of protecting and preservation of truckers rights. The thing is the minute you get a CDL, climb in a rig and get on the road, you don’t have any rights. Nor does anyone respect you or your profession. Been that way for years. Despite the efforts of our organization, the United American Independent Truckers Association the remains of what was once the Independent Truckers Association that was founded by the same feller who started Overdrive Magazine,

header_bg_v2 To be honest this new group I see in there on FaceBook is like so many that just do a bunch of fussing but not making much sense. Many are either off the road for a ton of reasons , or out of work or both. But it all sounds like the bumbs I remember at those CB club meetings in Twin Falls Idaho among others. It wasn’t until and I’m not bragging, here , but it wasn’t until the prezz of the JR-14, the local Prezz of the I-80 Control CB Club, and my Dad got together, and Dad willing to put serious funding behind the organization that the UAITA got going. Now what? With right at 250K members, nationwide, 125k of that 250 being towing professionals, and the only real voice of the trucking industry that speaks with authority, and has been doing so for nearly 3 decades. Long b4 , I might add, b4 there was an OOIDA.

I’d get into this further, but I got one hell of a headache , been towing since 20:00 hours, I need some sleep.

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