Monday, December 26, 2011

Time to get busy


The holidays are over hurray, people are going to the stores returning all those gifts they got. Most people I think buy a bunch of stuff to show off, and gain kudos on Christmas morning, then find they either spent too much, and reality sets in where they find , rent or house payment due, and all those bills. So they go back to the store to get cash back. Amazing. Its also the time that TV stations by the drove are in between the Christmas rush of ads and ad revenue and a few months to Summer, where retailers and others are not about to spend a bunch of money on advertising. This is the time where, small service companies can get good deals from TV stations to get their messages out. Ad placement rates are at a discount and should never be sidestepped this time of year. Good rates abound. The big , I mean BIG hurdle is getting a TV ad produced.

TV by its nature is a bit more complicated than radio. TV is visual, and although one can opt, for a plain Jane generic ad, putting some spice into the ad, means YOUR ad gets noticed. The real difficulty here is finding both a production firm, or the TV station that will produce and the station be willing to air a somewhat spicy ad.

While we might get into an ad, with a hot honey, in a form fitting flight suit, standing beside a vintage warbird, or even a tow truck, the TV station trying to preserve some sense of local decency, might not be so apt to air such an ad.

The idea of putting a hot biker style gal in tight leather straddling a custom bike , might get us to panting, the fact is it’d be a fight to place that ad, at least without a heavy price tag, or a bunch of negotiations. Finding that talent as most of our efforts will attest, can be one helluva challenge to put it mildly.

While such things can be done in bigger media markets, doing that in say rural Idaho, is a crap shoot.

But it can be done.

The best flight plan here, is to find an independent video production company that’s liberal enough to talk the same talk that YOU are.

The day after the traditional holidays, entering the new year signals, reviewing the past year, and setting down some serious destinations and making decisions so as not to repeat the screw ups of the past year.

One of the things on the burner for the Hazzard County AyreWolvez as well as AyreWolf Aviation and this includes Dixie Towing, is to get serious about doing a revenue generating TV ad for our club and company. Done our way, for those who would be most likely to be members of the club, and/or patronize the company. Right down to the toew kiss and all.

Sadly I think, this will have to be done out of state.

That in our next entry.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the day:
After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood. - Fred Thompson
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