Friday, December 30, 2011

DayBreak 2


Let’s kick it up a notch. How about an Internet web, thing for those of us OVER the age of 30, more like in our early to mid 50’s.

Some of us who remember what the word quality over quantity meant. For those of us who learned how to do a job, to its best and be proud of it, and can remember when there was a problem, who took responsibility for it rather than escalate it. Escalate, phooey, admit you have no idea what’s wrong with the damn thing, admit your reading a trouble card and beyond that, here’s the REAL phone number of someone that truly has the solution. Better yet, how about scraping these damn call centers and giving us the REAL who, that’s involved. If someone calls for my tow truck, I answer the damn phone. Likewise if someone calls for one of our aircraft, either myself or cuzzin Gordon answers the phone, not some damn call center. If we screw up, we take the blame, but then go about fixing the problem.

Sure that might create, a JOB, for someone, but wait, don’t tell Obamabeenlyin, that something might create a job or he’ll torpedo it sure as that Black fartknocker eating collard greens.

It seems Internet slowness decreases and gets better AFTER 02:00 hours. Here it means most of the local drunks, punks and dopeheads doing the ,  “Lets make a dope deal” online or the child molester or abuser getting offline after not scoring with the quest of snagging another trusting under 15 kid. Same goes for those back northeast .

At 02:00 here its 04:00 or so there, meaning the cockroaches of the night are asleep. So normal conversations can take place between true honest ADULTS.

But then you think you have a place to share ideas with ADULTS and some stupid punk gets in, and really has no idea of what the page is all about. Case-n-Point, there’s this page on FaceBook about the preservation of old skool truck stops. Someone put up this link to something called Truckers Rights. It’s a blogspot gig, but it don’t work worth a bucket of spit.

Mama Wolf used to say, “ Its one thing to let people think your stupid, than open your mouth and remove all doubt” In this case, if your going to put up a page, make sure the damn thing works , before you link people to it.

Any mile, busy day today getting ready for the run on New Years eve. But I wanted to pass this on as well, neither FoX 35’s news department, nor The Voice, nor the Weekly News Journal, here called, visited or EMAILED me about TOWED. Surprise ya’ll?

Then the Mini Cassia Chamber of Commerce wonders why I’m dragging my feet on joining. Likewise why I’m dragging my butt on advertising etc with any of them. Its the old scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. After all, what better a bit of ink on something that can save a life, keeping someone from driving home drunk, on New Years Eve?

As it was said on Forest Gump, “ Stupid is, as stupid does.”

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