Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dream Weaver needed apply immediately

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The year is ending better than it began. Of course no local media outlet, TV, newspaper etc, even contacted me regarding the TOWED program. Guess one needs to buy news coverage any more rather than having a reporter come by and talk to you or even MAKE A DAMN PHONE CALL !!! On a worthwhile story, yet you can bet your next bi-annual, that if I got busted doing something really atrocious or even moderately, that the same news outfits would be busting down the fracking door, my phone wouldn’t stop and there would be news ink all over the place. But then that’s why the Southern Idaho Press went into the sewer, and why there is HazzardAyre Gazzette , which includes us here at WyldAyre.

Nuff sedd , after all in a few weeks I’m outta here anyway, so here’s the finger the Voice, Weekly Journal, Times News.

Now onto something in the lighter side of the Wolf’s prowl.

I was up until mid 04:00 hours this morning, when I finally unloaded my mind and got to sleep, as I fell into a real DEEP sleep, I got into a very erotic dream. What stimulated this dream I have no idea, since the female subjects of the dream I have not seen in eons, since High School, plus the locations were mixed up. Here there were dream girls I knew in High School, in Hazzard Idaho, that were in this old mansion that is a wedding chapel, in Layton Utah. Yet we all having a free for all. Ricky was partying , I was as wasted as I could be, and getting some REAL sex. Something I have not experienced in real life for what? 15 years now. I wasn’t into why , but I was there. The question becomes, why the dream girls, like Jeri Omahondra of Hazzard, Becky Tupper of Hazzard, Jody Hemmingway of Hazzard, even, Margo Ellis of Hazzard. In Layton Utah having a combo biker, military aviators bash.

Is there something to this dream? Is there a meaning to this dream? If so, and more importantly why is it that if and it was, but a dream so real , I could smell the purfume, the dream girls everything, I could feel and taste everything, plus remember every detail right down, to the address numbers on the sign on the door. Plus why old man Kowley’s place? If there was a very staunch LDS guy on the planet it was old man Kowley(Kowley Drug Store-aka Fat Albert's Gym) Layton Utah.

So I get to lunch time, go in for one of those 99 cent junior cheeseburgers at Wendy’s here in Burley/Heyburn. The fine print of local participation varies includes the Burley/Heyburn location, as this location don’t do the 99 cent Junior CheeseBurger. By fairness, old McDonalds here don’t have no dollar menu either.

Utility problem averted, South Central Community Action Agency taking care of it shy, of $150.00 to Heyburn City, so no biggy till February. Still looking at a major move come mid summer if not b4.

I have been thinking though, all these super hotties that I have held up on doing the animal thing with and getting right down tribal, in trying to be a local professional and all, is for not.

There’s a few here in this area that get all friskey when I’m around, including a preachers wife, that gets foamy mouthed, at my presence. I say , why resist? Go for it.

So its full warp speed ahead. As Capt. Picard sedd it, engage, Warp 7.

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