Sunday, December 25, 2011

Another day in not so much Paradise


Here it is Christmas. Some say its politically incorrect to say Christmas. They and who THEY are remains to be configured out, but they say that in public media, one should not push the religion thing. Saying Merry Christmas is pushing the religion card? I thought it was just getting into the groove of the season. Heck if one wanted to really get into it, Christmas is really Easter and Easter time is when the Savior was born.

The Greeks messed up the season time frame in converting the Hebrew Calendar eons ago. But oh well , such is the people of the planet that is Monkey see, Monkey do, rather than exerting individuality. That is one of the things I am most proud of, of the membership of the Hazzard County AyreWolvez. Yes we are fly guys and only 4 lady aviators. That said we enjoy flying and restoring byrds that are not of the Cessna type, but more of attack, military warbirds that deserve seeing blue sky again, not being crushed in some aircraft bone yard. We here not only restore and fly the fixed winged birds but rotor craft as well.

We got done last month with a rebuild of a Huey, and a Bell Sioux helo. Both we are proud of.

It takes months to rebuild these byrds, since many of the parts are rare if available at all. Many parts need to be made, out of scrap, tested for strength and accuracy, then FAA certified then installed. This can take months if not years.

The turn around on most warbird restorations of both types can be anywhere from 8 months to 3 years. Of course finding the period correct avionics that will still function in today’s aviation community can be a chore as well. Especially if your living in Rural Idaho, like here in Heyburn Idaho. The wants are there, but the accommodations ain’t. Just like it was said at our Saviors birth, there ain’t no room at the INN here in Heyburn. Oh yes plenty of places to live, if you want to pay astronomically high rental rates, followed by even higher than high utility rates, oh the electricity bill ain’t a problem, its what Heyburn city charges for sewer and water. Guess the old saying of if dung is gold applies. Mine , must be ultra platinum not just gold.

There is a change however for now the sign on the door reads:

awavi logo1  After all I cain’t fly from here, no room at the Burley Airport, and due to the Burley City Council dragging their feet on expansion or building a new airport, no new hangar space. So I have to drive mind you DRIVE to American Falls, Pocatello, BlackFoot, Gooding or all the way to Bountiful Utah to house and thus fly one of the 20 byrds owned by AyreWolf Aviation.

Oh yes as I close, been chatting with two locals here to build the ultra premium web site for AyreWolf Aviation, tried some guy who works out of his home, then some gal at Surf the Snake, here in Burley, got the run around, and who gets our green,(what little I have of it)? Ray McBerry Enterprises out of Atlanta Georgia. Which should not come as a surprise to anyone, who better to build a confederate’s web site and all, than one of the people leading the charge of today Southern Movement?

Does make one wonder, why don’t I just move there? Partly its due to the duty to the AyreWolvez and the Knytes, here in Idaho, the other is simply lack of money. While the clubs can spend millions of dollars on things, the reality is, I myself cannot. Partly due to the restrictions placed on me by the Social Security Administration the other is that, I haven’t made enough money either towing or flying to enable me to get my Wolf-Pack outta here, but I am working on a plan, first into Utah for two years, then look around Conyers or Covington Georgia for a place for everything , then load the trucks on a flat bed, send that down there, then me? I fly the Lady down there, and say adios to Yankee, bullcrap.

Any mile, busy week this week, see all in the air.

L8R Aviators

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Quote of the day:
Rock and roll is the hamburger that ate the world. - Peter York
Isaiah 9:6“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

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