Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why would a towing service advertise on TV?


B4 I get it on here, need to clear up some confusion that has arise out of my putting aviation in front of going towing.

While there is the long distant plan to put LexiBelle in storage for a time, that will not happen until mid October of 2012 , since at that time I’ll be in school to get my degree in avionics engineering. But I’m not quiting going towing. That said, in 2013 if you followed in HazzardAyre, a redoux of Dixie Towing will be aligned with our aviation company and emerge as BlackSheep Towing in honor of and in memory of the historical Marine Corps squadron of the same name the VMA214, USMC BlackSheep. Again I’m not quiting going towing.

With that out of the way, there are those that say , why would a towing service advertise on TV? First, if your the smallest towing service in town, getting a kick in the image enhancement department is  good reason. But there are examples that I know of 2 , that convinced me of the value of TV advertising.

The first is a towing service that was in Nampa Idaho, in 1984/85. The guy started with two trucks, advertised on Laverne & Shirley late Sunday nights on KTVB7. You’d think who watched the ad. Apparently many, as Help Towing’s revenue went from a $1000.00 a month to nearly $12,000.00 a month. In essence Help Towing invested $500.00 a month for six months and the return on investment to nearly $300,000.00 a year. Granted its Boise, but back then, you had a tow truck on each corner, in the area there and a area wide population of just under 90,000 people. The only reason Help went under is the owner was dragging in rides filled with marijuana and got popped by the DEA.

Okay, example number 2:

Custom Towing of Pocatello. Very small company, three trucks, older trucks like I’m running, worked out of his house like I am. Jim Wilson owner contracts with KPVI – 6 in Pocatello to run ads on during the weather, and early morning report. Takes the same $500.00 a month. Guess what? New equipment, big shop and yard, one of Pocatello’s elite towing services now. Results speak for itself.

Used to be that a towing service advertised in the phone book, and maybe a want ad paper occasionally, but today why not take advantage of what’s out there that can accelerate your business?

Likewise,for AyreWolf Aviation. Why not spotlight that besides a towing service we fly and all for Idaho’s farming community, as well as doing specialty aviation like fire fighting from the air, as well as air rescue?

That’s why a towing service advertises on TV.

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