Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Damn prickly pears anyway


If it’s there today it might not be tomorrow. Dig this, went to one of our external sites, only to find the prickly pears at Webs.com had frozen the damn blog. Can ya’ll dig that? Froze it.

Its not the fact that what was posted there had not been covered elsewhere, and thank goodness Google’s Blogger keeps us together, but damn it, all the pictures I put on our Knytes-of-Anarchy.Webs.com are gone.

Thank Kahless I put the same on cd, but shit, some notice would have been nice.

Guess it goes to what I been saying over, and over again, if ya’ll don’t own the damn site, it gets junked.

I pulled most of it off there and put it on a cd, but still it pisses me off a bit. But I have also learned, don’t fret what ya’ll can’t control.

Needless to say , I’m tyred, need sleep.

See ya’ll in the ayre.

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