Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why is it that small is always better?


It always amazes me how the small companies in many services or product delivery work better than conglomerates. Case-n-Point, had a issue with getting on line earlier this evening, after 5 phone calls and the situation having to be escalated as they say, problem solved.

If ya’ll have followed me over the last 8 years or so , ya’ll know that I have had issues with many Internet access companies as well as cable companies, not just in Idaho, but Utah and one in Wyoming. Slow speed, limited bandwidth and outages. True mechanical and other issues crop up. After all this all is limited expertise and ancient equipment. Yet whether is Comcast, Cable-One , CenturyLink(Qwest), or even that outfit in Goons Ferry, Idaho, none of them ever worked to my satisfaction. Except one.

In the small town of Kamas Utah, 60 miles east of Park City Utah is a small telecom, cable TV, Internet Access company called AllWest.

Dig this, when I signed up with them in mid 2005 for our Wyoming sub station, they installed, maintained and provided the best service I have ever had. And dig this too, even at nearly 8 years now, my email there , even though I have not paid them anything, since 2006, is still active there.

All the time I was in Wyoming, AllWest kept me connected, all the time. I had bandwidth, that was near 60mps, picture quality that was HD quality even b4 HD was an idea, even in a town the size of 504 people in CokeVille, or Evanston, at a population of 12,000 AllWest is the one company that does it right. Even when I did have a slight problem, AllWest understood the need for me and my access as important. They fixed the one problem instantly , with a at the door visit.

Understand the equipment operated in a sub-zero and I mean sub zero as in 50 below zero environment, with snow up to the door handles. And it all worked all the time.

Yet b4 and since AllWest, I have had problems.

So I ask, why is it this one tiny company can do it better than these big corporate or Co-op outfits like PMT?

Evanston looking as a return destination.

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