Sunday, December 25, 2011

How To Live on Social Security ? WyldAyre 1


Here it is Christmas Day 2011. I’m awake at 03:35 hours, not in anticipation of a grand Christmas Tree, fancy gifts or even Christmas Dinner, but because, my heart is heavy with sadness remembering previous Christmas’ with my Mom & Dad, and the ones we had in Utah, but few good memories of those in Idaho. In fact I still am sore towards my Mom & Dad for ever moving here to begin with. We never ever as a family completed all we intended when we left Layton Utah in 1971, while we did build a very small empire of sorts, 80% of that was from investments everywhere except Idaho. The only damn thing we bought at least that I know of in Idaho after moving here was a F-ing bank in downtown Boise, that Cuzzin Bud sold for a hell of a lot less than it was truly worth, but oh well. Bud is too damn near death to worry about that now.

I bring that up because, right now I am living on Social Security and a very small military retirement pension. Outside of that what few scraps I pick up through the tow truck business I have and/or AyreWolf Aviation is gravy, but here the latter has been the main course and SSI being the gravy. There ought to be a book written about, “How to Live on Social Security” . Since I have no damn idea how.

Since Cuzzin Bud, became incoherent to the point of no longer able to keep track of funds for AyreWolf Aviation etc, and until Cuzzin Gordon, and all is brought up to ayrespeed for that, I have had to grind on with just what I get from Social Security. Know what ? I am getting way over my head, to the point, that if I don’t find a real help, I’m going to stall out and hit the deck, financially very soon.

Despite all the glamour and hype, Idaho has gotten real expensive, to live in. Hell expensive is not the word for it, its more like exclusive than just expensive. Yet jobs in Idaho, in any form have not caught up with expenses, so I’m really at a sort of dead end, which is not so much of a stretch since Idaho in many places is a dead end.

So really , having a guide on how to manage on just Social Security, would be a real blessing. No I’m not going to write it, shit, I don’t know how to live on just Social Security.

So the answer ? At least for me is as said, in HazzardAyre.

Put LexiBelle in storage for a few months, quit going toewing, that’s right folks you heard it here, I’m hanging it up on doing a tow service, at least for several years, get in gear in flying in Utah at the HQ of the company that bears my call sign from the Marines, (AyreWolf) as in AyreWolf Aviation along with Cuzzin Gordon, find a shop down there along 80 or 89 in eastern Utah, and forget Idaho even exists.

Any myle, body is fried, I’m headed for bed.

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