Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday TV was the pits for 2011


B4 I get off on my rant here this Monday after Christmas 2011, I want to expand on some things that need to be expanded on.

The major changes I’m making in my operation here at AyreWolf Aviation as well as Dixie Towing, will not be immediate, since there is a bunch of baby steps required to satisfy these changes. My eventual move to Utah will not happen at least for 6 months and as such, I want to reassure the sweet lady and all at FoX 35 in Twin Falls , to not panic. Since again, when I depart , there will be someone here doing my duty here at Dixie Towing and all, but I have to do what is good for me. What I can afford to do, and where there is a better than average expectancy of a return on my investments. Western Idaho ain’t one of those places any more. Perhaps in another 30 years Western Idaho might ascend to the 21st Century. I’m 54 years old in 2012, I cain’t wait much longer. My Cousin Bud is at deaths door, the remains of the company are requiring attention and the only one with enough moxy to do it is me. It’s me acting for my own good.

The other thing and I hate to remind many Knytes-of-Anarchy and this includes the Hazzard County AyreWolvez, that the main reason, even with wicked Tammy tagging along was, to revive the club, establish the radio network, attempt to set in place the TV network, and so on, it was never intended to be a operation for me to build a tow service or AyreWolf Aviation. Those were just enhancements if they happened at all. Of all of that the club has been reborn, the radio gig will go live in April, the TV network will go up in September, of 2012 so in essence, my job is done here so its my time to depart. My family what there is left of it needs me. UtaH IS where they are so I’m in search of a place to transplant, but that’s going to take time.

Its kind of ironic, the same house I discovered when I first returned to Idaho, is the same house that for me, I close the door to Idaho from.

Okay then TV through the holidays was the pits.

Although I got cable mid month, I really was not missing much. Nearly to the day, was repeats of the same offerings that were there last year. I haven’t seen the ratings charts, but I think they’ll be as lackluster as holiday retail sales were, from what I hear , it was purtty crappy.

There was a few holiday traditions on ABC-Family Channel, but the two I treasure the most were not on, no Charlie Brown Christmas and no Dukes of Hazzard Christmas(yes there was one)on CMT. So what does this say about things? America is loosing its culture and its soul. What was good once and helped us overcome adversity like a piss ass’d economy was the ability to watch something on TV that would remind us of the generosity of people during the holidays. The only thing I heard of and not a bunch round these parts, was people with deep pockets, paying off layaways at Kmart and other similar retailers . I myself would have rather seen some open wallets giving kindness to Veterans of our area, that are single, older and alone, without local family support nearby. (like me).

Any flyte that’s getting off course here.

The holiday season used to be the sparkling gem of the year. Not just about greed and gifts but remembering albeit the wrong time of year, but remembering that its the birth of our Savior and brother, Yes friends brother Jesus Christ.

TV ought to reflect that feeling. For all the zealots out there, up yours. God IS REAL, and its this giving the finger to GOD is the reason he is really pee-owed and why this planet is going into the toilet faster than Chili from the Depot Grill in Twin Falls.

I want to see TV like we used to watch, one hour dramas with a message or lesson in it.

Let’s get rid of the X-Factor, American Idol, etc and get a few more Gidgets, Father Knows Best, and even a redoux of say Bonanza back on TV.

TV stations, networks and all are clamoring for advertisers. Yes the economy is part of the decline in ad sales for TV, but mostly its due to the fact that few local or even major retailers , or product / service providers want to see something worth putting their ad money into to supporting on TV. All I have seen so far in the last 5 years, is well 3, 2 of them on FX, Sons-of-Anarchy, and Justified, and the other on CMT, of course Dukes of Hazzard. The only other I saw was the reruns of Airwolf and BlackSheep Squadron on RTV, which by the highway they pulled, so no use in us going there any more.

Any flyte, maybe 2012 will be better for holiday TV.

Next entry, TV Advertising, Are you sure ya’ll want to go there?

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