Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can I have a side of cash with that?

I saw on our friends list here on the site , a strange new person has signed on , which is good. Her, at least I think its a her , name is Wimer, don't know ya'll , but welcome.

Then over the hour while doing AyreWolf/WarByrd Radio, I saw that of all the people who are wanting to connect with us, mainly me is Brandi Erickson of KPVI . Not bad considering, but Brandi being married to a hubby from and living in Soda Springs, needs to remember southeast Idaho is my families territory. Much of it settled by my Mom's kin and thus my kin folk.

I have presence there so if Brandi wants to be Linkedin, so be it.

I heard at the opening ceremonies this morning here at the AyreWolvez conference something to the degree that many think I'm extremely hard on Idaho, or at least from the Coldwater exit west. Shit I was pissed at Pocatello's attitude once too.

However it seems on the surface that Pocatello is healing economy wise. But that's on the surface. The question is , is it really? B4 I even propose to the organizatio of re-entering Pocatello, I'd have to do a bunch of under the surface scratching to see if what is, is what is, rather than just the beauty of or fragrance of something that looks good at first, but'll make one itch after you touch it.

The other thing. If somebody ANYBODY wants me to get serious about doing anything Idaho, needs to put up or shut up.

I get all these followers on LinkedIn and so on, etc yet if the want the club , me or both to relook at Idaho, there needs to be somebody saying , here's some scratch(cash) to do it. Not just empty promises.

So Wimer , want to be part of us, divvy up.

See Ya'll after lunch.