Sunday, January 1, 2012

I know I’m not a pregnant Mexican Woman with ten kids But!!


I know I’m not a pregnant Mexican woman wetback with ten kids, and 9 cousins living with me, but damn do I have to be?

If any of ya’ll ever are put in a spot to where even for a short while need to be on state aid, you’ll see that thought is right on the money.

Now granted its not that big amount of money a mere $53.00 , $3.00 of it is for the ATM fee, but shit, $50.00 is $50.00 and unless your told otherwise, you should get it right on time, right? That would be logical. But in today’s environment, logic is as illusive as a butterfly. (Illusive Butterfly,YouTube) Yet, ya’ll can bet your next flight check, that if ya’ll were a fat Mexican woman(no offense intended) with 10 kids and two in the oven, you’d get that state aid right now pronto. Hell you’d think if there was a problem, they’d contact you. When my grub stakes got cut $11.00 the letter got to me, the list goes on, but I’m soon off this bread train, headed to Atlanta to recert, for both advanced avionics and repair, as well as advanced flight certifications, but shit, right now I’m waiting for money and it ought to have been in the kitty.

Guess I need to just accept the fact that nothing lasts forever.

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