Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunset Serenade


So there I was. Just bid Tommy adoux when I get a call from AyreWolvez HQ, that albeit a poultry amount, but hey $800.00 is $800.00 was being wired to Chase Bank in Twin. So no money left in my jeans to put gas in LiL Lexi to truck over there to fetch it.

So went to one I thought was good for it, nope. Then to two more. Taking a shot in the dark, went to the Chamber of Commerce here thinking, hey they want to make a positive impression , bumb me a $20.00 , I go over get my funds, pay em back. So I finally go to a car dealer that I toew for , get the money. He gets paid back in the AM Saturday, since I didn't make it back b4 he closed, but damn Sam.

Kountry folks USED to help each other out. Its not like I have made a ass out of myself bumming money , and the few I have ALWAYS have got it back, yet no way.

Last night really 3:30 hours I awoke , looking over the city of Salt Lake City, towards Idaho, I began thinking , my what an idiot I was to ever have moved back here.

What little gain I have gleaned here between learning some videography skills from CH 12, and running newer toew gear last year. Besides that I’d been better never to have never seen the border of Idaho, much less moved into it or back to it.

Although I got ripped, when Tammy discovered that the so called Magic Valley area of Idaho had lost its magic, and indeed became the same dead end it is, While it may seem that I’m bombing the bridge again, understand that even as good as I am, even with all the sacrifices, I have made to the so called Gem State, and even with all that the Knytes-of-Anarchy, including subsidiary the AyreWolvez have contributed to Idaho, when the door gets not only shut but slammed in our faces, you finally reach the point of saying, “ there is no more we can do here” Move on and get on with things.

Saturday I’ll get into some of the results of the New Years Conference of the AyreWolvez.

But in closing, shame on you , Cassia area Idaho, you couldn’t even lend a neighbor a few bucks so I could go fetch a $800.00 check?

This ain’t for me.

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