Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last legs of a long journey


As I look over the great Salt Lake to another Utah sunset, that is truly bea-U-tiful , I think that indeed that I belong here in Utah more than I ever did in Idaho.

In fact more than likely even more than Wyoming. For without the one there would never have been me here.

Not that there were not those telling me not to move back up there , more over even omens telling me , DON’T GO THERE.

I did and had I not been in such a corner then I most likely would have forgotten Idaho or at least this part of it.

However the would’ves , Could’ves and so on are history, and while one can’t change history, one can plan and detour the future.

I’m tyred of toewing on sub standard rates, I’m tyred of taking penny’s when I could be making dollars, and while I’m not yet branded a Senior citizen just yet, b4 I get so old that my testicles are touching my ankles I’m making course corrections.

Getting the frack out of Idaho or at least the part of it, that is the Mini Cassia area of Idaho, is the best way I know of to fix this very low income situation.

I had dreams and plans for this area of Idaho, but one can only smack into the wall so many times b4 one says enuff.

I have came to the conclusion that me here is not a mutual affection thing. The community leaders and I have the same mutual feelings, that me gone is good.

Hell even that one Mini Cassia newspaper The Voice wasn’t even in my mail box, this past week, Nothing new to read in it anyway, but it pointed to omens being sung.

The guy at the Weekly News Journal, is always barking about going to Logan. At one time I thought if the guy wants to be in Utah, move there. Sell the paper, even to me. Hell I would buy it, and get it on a paid subscription gig that would be twice the publication it is. Even give more editorial to its weekly want ad free paper.

In essence Jay, is giving me a gift. He stays in Idaho, that removes one more asshole out of Utah.

More over night, have a dinner dance thing to go to tonight. Its nice to be somewhere, that has culture to it.

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