Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day Break 4 Midol treatment needed for USA

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Question this morning? Why is it that in the heart and near the heart of Salt Lake City Utah, one can find office space for $350.00 a month or less, and yet can’t find residential space for hardly $600.00 or less? Is it that there are more office spaces and retail locations in the area, than there is demand for same or is there hidden reasons? The other question I have for Mini Cassia is this. If one can find rental space office and retail, for $400.00 and lower in Metro Utah where the economy is bubbling, and yet here, one is lucky if one can find anything office wise for less than $500.00 ? To me the thinking is kinda skewed , don’t ya’ll think.

I will say the heated search is on for both.

Sniffed out a few spots in the greater Pocatello area for that price to hang my hat in . So thought is, Radio/Media HQ, SLC Utah, housing, run toew truck/HCC(Cooter’s Rat ShaK) American Falls Idaho area. Go from there.

Ran into some serious attitudinal problems other day.

First pulled into Maverick, for a whole $1.00 worth of go fluid for Mini Lexi, went in to pay, and had to not only had to explain that yes , one can pay for go fluid on a EBT Card. There is a half of the card for cash, one for food. The mutton head still didn’t understand , so I had to WALK him through it myself. And I don’t even work there. Amazing ain’t it?

Then pulled into the ONLY McDonalds here in Burley to grab a McMuffin, the gal behind the counter a manager no less, had the worst attitude.

The entire day yesterday, I thought that If I’d had enuff green to do so, is buy a HUGE supply of Midol, go over here to the area water supply and put the Midol in it. In essence the entire area’s population, needed to get cured of their chronic case of PMS.

Then this morning I got an email from some gal that SEZZ she worked For AyreWolf Aviation. Some Betty something.

Really? Bullsbreath. Maybe, maybe not. But if she did she’d really have to prove it, since the only women that’s ever worked for us was on the radio station. As women just are not usually hired if ever for flight operations.

More this afternoon.

L8R Aviators

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