Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rizing Pheenix Breef


As I sit here drinking the morning brew here at the annual New Year conference of the AyreWolvez, drinking in the vast beauty of the sun cresting over the Wasatch Mountains and illuminating the darkest corners of metro Salt Lake City, I first reflect back on the State of the State message last night from Governor Hubert.

The near perfect report card on Utah and Utah’s economic vitality leads me to ask, why some, not all of course , but why some of the same ideas can’t be adopted if not duplicated by Idaho? Both environmental climates are near equal. Yet Utah is accelling in , industrial, Technology and educational realms and yet Idaho, by its outdated , outmoded and just bullheaded attitudes is stalled. What is it , over the idea of thinking outside of a patato field, or growing them taters that scares so many in Idaho?

The youth of Idaho migrate out of the state here to Utah and elsewhere. With little if any idea of going back, except maybe laying to rest a kin folk member or a holiday visit. Past that few if anyone that leaves Idaho , really wants to go back.

Why is a big question, and beyond my comprehension. This is why, even though one of the radio stations that broadcasts HazzardAyre, as well as AyreWolf/WarByrd Radio, over the air being KDXB FM & AM based out of Burley there, still the aim here is to build the heart of the network here in Metro Utah. Where all resources are available. Including the ability to develope HazzardAyreTV.

Speaking of TV. Caught wind that our buddy Ray McBerry of Dixie Broadcasting has launched a cable TV channel at least locally that we here will be working to pipe into the Mountain West region from Comcast Cable’s HQ cable access channel 3, and on demand. As well as over Pocatello’s CH 12 and Treasure Valley Cable Access channel 11 Boise.

33 While HazzardAyreTV is a bit more aggressive than Ray’s offerings, I’m sure it’ll be a great blending of cultures.

Any way , time to start the day. FAA breefs are starting here in 20 minutes, along with district reports from charter presidents including me and b-Flyte from the Mini Cassia area. Wish I could be more up beat about B-Flyte as the rest of our squadron is. More on that this evening if I can, but I’ll tell you this, I’m not so proud any more to admit failure in Idaho. I’m not to proud to admit that in some of it all I alone screwed the pooch, and more over not too proud to admit that there is discussion here and I’m not voting against it, to pull the plug on at least those charters in Idaho that have no cohesion or ability to gain altitude.

Any Flyte catch all this afternoon.

L8R Aviators


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Rational arguments don't usually work on religious people. Otherwise, there wouldn't be religious people. - Doris Egan
James 4:10“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

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