Sunday, January 1, 2012

Damn I’m glad I ain’t hungry

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Okay so here it is 2012. Damn years getting off to a grand start, hope it ain’t an omen of the upcoming year. Sitting here, checking my bank account for my auto deposit, which is usually in by now, guess what? Nope. Most likely wont hit until noon, so I’m off to bed.

The reason the delay? Some damn burocrat is still hung over from the ID, H&W New Years party, that should have inputted everything Friday. Becuzz of that ye ole Wolf has to go without grub, for a bit longer. Of course Uncle Sam is on a crippled walk and need some money to pay for a tire that I got fixed on LexiBelle. Try telling Les Schwab that your Military money ain’t in yet cuzz of the holiday, and watch em be pissy assed. Few people understand these things like us in towing. Maybe its becuzz in many respects us in towing are true super stars at least in daily life. We see adversity all over the place. Sure we need to collect, but hey it wasn’t me that screwed the pooch on all my funds throughout late November and December. Speakin of which. While this is sort of the courting stage at this point with the new Payee in BlackFoot and all, one slip up and she’s history. I had compassion with Cuzzin Bud, since he is my cousin, but when I’m paying $40.00 to someone to handle things they best be handling things per my order, or we rather I find someone else, like one of my associates at A1.

I’ll get into more come Sunday night, but 09:00 comes early and so does Church so I’m horizontal. 45 impounds 12 accidents.

L8R Ya’ll

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