Sunday, September 1, 2013

You might be from Hagerman if you remember it still being called Hazzard


So got done watching Dirty Sexy Money, on Hulu, that imports the series from ABC.

So I go check Facebook, and here’s a sponsored ad for a page on or about Hagerman, more over what we call Hazzard.

Of course there are people there that caused me huge amounts of hurt, pain and other emotions that I will refrain from relating.

Karl Upiono who teased me about our broadcasting efforts at a school science fair, and stole a bunch of parts tools and props from me , him and John Martin. But hey these kids were untouchable since they belonged to the elite part of the population of Hazzard.

Then there is Donna Ainsworth, who always pops up in anything related to Hagerman. Would it surprise many to realize it was I circling her parents home there at the fish hatchery late at night on my mini bike watching her take off her clothes, and oh yes she wore nylons in fact black ones, her and  Merilee Ellis who were two of the biggest prick teases in Hazzard High. And were two that we discovered put a lot more toilet paper in their bra since myself, and a few other little demons like Ralph Newman and all hooked up that in house TV network to a mini lens that went through the band rooms file office, into the girls locker room. Of course it wasn’t Donna who I was interested in it, was her younger Sister Susan, that had my heart in her hand. Of course one of the Choles married her went off , been happy ever since, I could be bitter there , but I wont. Hey I could be, hell I should be, after all my Mom and Dad did for that shitty little town, the county after they died, the Hazzard LDS ward, did not have time for me, couldn’t be bothered. That Christmas that 14 families with 12 kids a piece got damn new toys, MY TOYS that I donated, and not one damn member of that ward came up to the house and said can we help?

But Jimmy MacDonald, Ricky Lemmons, Allen Culbertson, Alfred and Karl Kuhn, to name a few did. Of course Ernie whose dad ran Juan's Hair shops all over Twin came up too, but I have yet seen him jump up and say can I help you get restarted? But I noticed from the new Hagerman page, no places for ME to be able to comment. Seems that’s a secret room, can’t say I ‘m surprised, it was that way when I resided there, its that same with some of the stuck ups that used to live there that still do, or at least some of them.

There’s even a few that say that this renegade was not too close to others, but damn they sure did like me when my Mom was paying them to work for her, or giving them money to go to Alaska to go fishing for the summer as a help job, The only ones who cared were the ones all too many treated like trash , but know what they put their arms around me, they helped me get through hell, Even when our house was stolen by Jensen Realty and a few others, and resold at a disgusting $$87,000.00 today ya’ll can’t touch that house for under a half million. But the trash crew of Hazzard was there to lean on, Ricky and I live within 8 blocks from each other. Jimmy passed away in 2010, Allen got hitched and moved to Nevada, But these same people are the same ones that created the Hazzard County Knytes Kstmz Association that you know today as the Knytes-of-Anarchy. 50,000 member strong in all 50 states, created at a meeting at the Polish Palace, now the Snake River Grill, in October 1982. We will be having an anniversary Halloween party there on the 31st of October. If all you Hazzard-ites ,(Hagerman-ites) want to come by and relive the night of old tales, please do.

Any way big day today.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
All men's misfortunes spring from their hatred of being alone.
--Jean de La Bruyère
Proverbs 22:6“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

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