Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why can’t a search really have the results desired?


I want to know what little twit is so scared of loosing their job, that search results on both search engines both Google as well as Bing that would tell me what I really want to know. The real meaning here is its both political since Big brother Obama don’t want YOU to know EVERYTHING, although I know a few things that OBAMA and his NSA crew don’t know and its about their operation in Syria to name a few.

So I wanted to look up a simple question, it short I want to know why the hell it takes so damn long for my SNAP card to update on the 1st? More over to tell me its got funds in there so I can go get grub, snuff and go fuel, pretty much in that order. I know , pretty bad when a full Eagle Colonel, of the USMC has to get by with a SNAP card. Thank you Mr. Obamabeenlyin.

Last week people celebrated Martin Luther King Day and his March for equal freedom. First, at the Lincoln Memorial, if it were me, I’d tare down that memorial and put up one honoring Robert E Lee. Or at least have monuments for both. Lincoln was one of the best political yarn spinners ever. He manipulated the facts, and made people believe he was incapable of lying. Fact is, Abe Lincoln was one of the biggest liars of all American history. There ain’t no equal rights, equal treatment of people, and equal division of governmental aid programs. If you’re a white male, and your looking for help, and there’s a black fat woman or a Mexican woman with 4 or better kids in hand, I’ll guarantee ya’ll, both them women will be served first. Then there’s those women getting aid, after they get knocked up. Most get knocked up to rack up money. Piss on going to work, Just go screw some guy, he has Child support as he busts his ass on some dairy, and that’s usually it, see white women love those taco dicks. God said for races not to intermarry, it don’t matter, Mexicans should not marry white, blacks no to marry whites, or Japs, or Chinese no way. Ya’ll stick with our own kind. Ya’ll don’t see Poodles not breeding with Coyotes even though same species . Nor should we. But that’s a subject for a different time, but when I see good looking women getting hitched to these taco dicks that ain’t even legal in this country which is why they want to screw legal white women. If they do and get a kid, boom , legal . Worse part , if they go in for a box of food and all at the Food bank, they get good grub, I go in and I’m lucky if I get a piece of bread made that last week. 

That’s getting off subject.

I want to know why these search engines, can’t put up the real results?

Keep it tween the Ditches


Quote of the Day:
Forgiveness is not an occasional act: it is a permanent attitude.
--Dr. Martin Luther King
Proverbs 22:6“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

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