Sunday, September 29, 2013

Told ya’ll this was for nothing


Oh well , I told ya’ll that these gals would bow out faster than Boss Hogg eating raw liver.

I thought they liked me, respected me and trusted me. Guess the concept of the President of the club being deployed got beyond them, plus how many entries over two of our groups publications on how this worked, I guess not reading Knyte Skool 101 , slipped by them, some how. That there is a sub charter here in the valley but not a full charter. That if there was a sneeze like Joni has made that the club as a whole was ready to pull the plug on the whole sub charter. What do they think me having the duty of Executive Director of the club charter here means? It means I’m in charge.

But its just like I said in the meeting plan A for relocation come May is once again on the front burner. I’m tired of spending money, wasting time and loosing money on a place where all too many have their heads in the sand. Guess the easy way to get the TV ad shot, is fly a gal from Utah , shoot the ad and be done with it. However at this point I do not care. I feel heart broken, I feel hurt, that people I held high in esteem and held my hand out as a friend would now be pulling away from me.

Seems the whole time that I told all three of them Charlie has one duty to me, dispense my money to me three times a month, as well of course being a friend and all, but Dixie is my operation , has been for nearly 35 years and was created right there in Hagerman, and anyone doubting that can in fact go to Cliff Jensen, Jensen real estate Hagerman, and ask . Cliff has been involved in the Montgomery Foundation funds since its creation.

But hey if these gals are too timid to get involved hey, come over I’ll pay you for two McDonalds meals, An Anchor Dog and three beers. Past that, its all up to ya’ll.

But guys I told you these foxes would not hold out, but hey that’s why there is the two week probation period. They made it a week.

Step two, next entry. I truly need to be awake Monday at 04:00.

L8R Aviators,


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