Sunday, September 29, 2013

And the rest of the atmosphere


And the cold north wind blows. Or so it would seem.

Got a Facebook message from Joni, questioning in a way the validity of the operation. This gig is as valid and real and able as it can be. But I must repeat this, Charlie is only involved as my advisor , mentor sort of and in control of certain funds. Not the club or clubs business’s, or mine.

One of the tasks I am working to have either Mandy, or Joni, do is to have one or the other for an agreed fee, be my Payee. But to do that and me to trust all my funds to someone, I damn well want to know and trust them. Thing is as long as Charlie is the Payee, I live in this house, in Twin Falls. And limited abilities to run the club’s business’s as well as expand mine as well as the one we hold as a unified operation, that being HazzardAyre Radio/KDXB FM. The Bar and 40% of the shop(Hazzard County Choppers) is the Knytes. 60% of that shop, and my responsibility is mine, Dixie Toewing/AyreWolf Aviation is 100% mine, the fact that a future merger between Dixie Toewing and A1 is in the works is a big ? mark. Considering last years malfunctions. But I seem to be drifting off course here. While I fully appreciate the efforts of Charlie as Payee, and the reason I am working with a damn PSR, is to affirm my abilities and all of managing my own funds that way my military pension and all will be unloaded on me every month rather than put in a joint account between Charlie and I that he piece meals out to me three times a month. One way to upset this applecart is for people to bug Charlie about it. Charlie himself don’t care much, his sig other does. She blew off the radio station last year in January and we have been catching up ever since.

The bars are 90% club and 10% my responsibility. Whether my current crew stays involved or not, and hopefully they do it’ll happen, it just depends on them. Since if this last lap gets in the wall, this old Wolf, is outta here , even if I have to have another Payee.

The whole thing can be something we all can be proud of, yes in some ways we are reinventing the wheel, but Mandy’s guy running the Boars Nest, in time, which I see first, then the Reaper ran by Joni, and perhaps my Payee, as well as Mandy being a Payee, being business administrator, and last but not leas , Bernadette being operations director of HazzardAyre Radio and media , I then can concentrate on toewing, and building rides and for the real money flying. But Joni questioning the ability of getting green for her and the rests efforts gets under my skin in a way, and yes I can understand at the same time. Simply due they came, here I was broke, and all, but understand for me, more money going out than coming in. The reason being, recruiting on air both visual as well as radio talent, getting all that is involved in the bar put together, means my 4 tow trucks get a fraction of the income they should. Which is why I’m pushing on the auditions for the TV, print etc ads for Dixie Toewing. As of yet and I know it’s a reach, but this is why I been pushing on the skirts or shorts, nylons and working up the smooch to toe tag for the TV ad. If you go past that and the Pin up project has been tabled until mid March, since time will not allow, but getting Dixie Toewing in front of the face of every person female or male corpuscle that drives that will slide off the road, run into each other, need a jump start to know if they need a toew they call Dixie BOARD AD cuzz we just Love Toews. The real Nurse GoodBody Mother nature is saying snow, and I need to make money. This means we need to get a hot bod , with my lips on her toes in hose next to LexiBelle>Lexi in green on TV and in print.

Any mile my body need some serious sleep 04:00 comes very early but to close this, SheWolvez don’t worry about the money, lets do something for it. Okay?

More in the PM Monday.

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