Sunday, September 29, 2013

End of the chapter


Well just like the Fat lady at the Opera said it, that lets that out.

Mid June When Robert came to me and said lets open a real to life Reaper Club, here in Twin Falls, I told him it’d never work here. Nobody is going to give the club any belief. If you can’t hire on air radio people that are of the female gender what makes ya’ll think that you can get gals to tend bar at Our clubs bar?

But I was in waiting for the answer for housing, damn IHA, I wanted to move at the end of July, house, shop, and human resources. Where you don’t have to try and reinvent anything, no double talking , no nothing, a bar, sure in Echo, get Tammy involved again no biggy. shop and Hangar fine, Bountiful SkyPark, part time job with another towing service while I rebuild mine back up from being let go, for damn near 10 years, in a market where there is some measure of financial return. Hey I like making money back as well. More over I’m busting my hump day and night to get my own situation with the help of the club, but get my life’s situation to a level to where I can go into any social agency and say thanks for help so far but I don’t need it any more. The thing is with the release of just over $2,million in January of the long awaited settlement that the Montgomery Foundation has been in a fight for since Metro Securities absconded with millions of investors monies including The Montgomery Foundation’ that getting in line to plunk down serious cash for the bar, expand AyreWolf Aviation here to this nerdette timid yankee area, and really pour the coal to the radio gig, which could have put a bunch of people to work, I say the money would best be used and spent in Utah.

In SLC need a model for a TV ad? Forget CraigsList, shit, call one of 8 agencies, the talent shows up the guy shoots the ad, its in the can as they say, on TV making me money. Likewise the club. Plus if you want a date, hey its simple, many places outside of bars, like ballet’ , symphonies, and of course the Utah Jazz.

Here want to do up a calendar of various rides and aircraft, want to hire models for it, you go to CraigsList, you get a bunch of people who have no serious intent of seeing it through, or just because they show up right in the middle of the month after I pay my bills, on MY shop, ON MY tow service, plus the filing fees for the renewal of our license for same, yes I was broke. Okay so I don’t handle money very well, I’ll admit that, that’s why the club was thrilled of someone that I imagined Joni to be or all the rest to be to do that. But hey, when club officers are deployed in places I can’t tell anyone, and how many times did I tell them this? Likewise if there was someone else idiotic enough to be in this town in charge of the club, do you think I’d be doing the interviewing and all of these people? Hell I’d love to give the responsibility of the administration and all of the club to someone else.

But hey I was the stupid guy, who drove Tammy and famndamnly here in 2006 on a recon look around. She got tight with her Aunt who owns Trout's bar there, in Buhl, get’s popped by the cops for nose candy, moves back to Wyoming where although cold I’d have like to have stayed, but No I was stuck. Had a path out , first Pocatello where I have family, then back into Wyoming or Northern Utah. Let’s face it, with the house sold, the other homestead demolished, and of course Mom And Dad gone, I have no damn real reason to even be in this going bassackwards, can’t appreciate someone giving them a bone, trying to improve lives while improving mine at the same time, and you get called every name in the book. Bullshit . Why am I on this side of the fracking state? An ad for a NUKE Power plant to be constructed in Hammett a tiny berg west of Glenn’s Ferry. Called on a electricians job there, they gave a green light, so I moved over here. Was I pissed when it turned out sour? Sure, the difference between them and me and the club, the club is solid, its finances are solid , but if this Tragic Valley thinks that after 4 gall damn disasters here , only because there is no organized talent agencies here, there are way too many narrow minded people. Some that call themselves Gods Spiritual Warriors, that are so called understanding, and so on, that want to try to make this situation seem worse than it is. I say, hey you called me , I interviewed you , you were put on prospect probation, you decided to question, we don’t need you. After all these monkey forking disasters do you think that myself, or the club would invest money here after that? Why? I say do plan A, that I said do in May, fix up my own two trucks, get things arranged and me get me and my Wolf-Pack outta here. Never, ever to return.

If some other club officer wants to set up a chapter here in the future fine, just don’t drag my ass back up here. As far as the radio station, selling off those three licenses to the tune of $400k, and just run the radio show as a streaming online station is just fine. That $400k, puts some comforting green in my pocket after the hell I have went through here. I have just had it. I thought these three or four gals were not only easy on the eyes but had a heart and were willing to get busy building what could have been an empire. But no, and I guess the idea of me wanting to explore something personal with one was stupid, its something I don’t normally do but thought hey found a soul mate or something. Like I said even to her to hell with relationships. Ride solo, or fly solo, no harm, no foul, and its only dead bugs you get in your teeth.

For me and the club, this marks the end of our chapter of the book of Knytes/AyreWolvez in the Magic Valley of Idaho, and could just mean the removal of the Magic Valley sub charter completely.

Once again, I’m going to bed. I’m sure there’s going to be bullshit over all of this. But I don’t need this stress. To answer that question I always ask, why don’t things like this happen here? You have got your answer.

L8R Aviators,


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