Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why doesn't Idaho have co pays for use of Medicaid services and every one else does?

After a year and continuing at least for the forseeable future, that I have lived outside of Idaho, and seeing how damn stupid both Utah and Wyoming runs such things as their Medicaid funding and as such benefits , I have to ask why is there no clear cut searchable definition of why Idaho does not require a co pay to see a doctor, get hospital tests or on prescriptions, yet both Utah and Wyoming does? In Idaho when you get Medicaid, that's hit, go to the doctor, show em your card walk out the door, same for a hospital prcedure or prescriptions. Once your Medicaid 411 is on their computer, you don't need to shell out any money from your pocket. Yet in Utah, it's at least $3.00 same for prescriptions, its $4.00 per prescription. In Wyoming, its $3.00 per prescription, But why? I have been researching this some especially today, when I had to rake out the last $10.00 I had in the world, for some followup procedures, none of which was as bad as having a what looked like a gas line, up my anus, got brought home from The hospital, took the meds, tried to lie down when our grand landlord at the shop called. Not that we want to , but rent not paid. Sorry, but Uncle had a hiccup on my Military pay, this month, some address 411 confusion. I'll get it back they say, if not it'll double in January, but the $733.00 I usualy get via SSA, pays my basic expenses and it just about couldn't do that. But our shop rent was late this month. So got balled out by the Landlord, of the shop. So I'm looking at other shops, If Rick goes with me on it, if not its close that down, pack it up and its back to Idaho for me , I'm done with it. Heck I can't even get to Church this week end as there's no go juice.  Outside of getting to the shop and occassional run to Wal-Mart for food, I'm stuck. in my opinion as far as I'm concerned , when it comes to Evanston Wyoming, my response is to heck with the sumbytch. A few weeks ago in Church, Brother Larson of our LDS ward here, got up and yapped how sweet Evanston was and all, I had to sit on my hands and hold my breath so tight as I wanted to just stand up in the middle of Sacrament meeting and explain just how damn wrong he is, and my experiences to date. Today I was able to buy some time, but unless we have money in the landlords bank account on Friday, We'll be out mid week next week. 
So in closing why is it that Idaho's Medicaid program require a co pay for doctor visits etc, but Utah's and Wyoming's does?
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