Friday, December 11, 2015

In it all I lost me, time for self repair

It was exactly a week ago to date and hour, that I was at the Uinta County Hospital looking up at some rather concerned hospital technicians who had just used those jumper cables to bring this old Wolf back to life. The parting words from Doctor Morgan, and staff was, you got to slow down, take your meds on time, and try not to have too much stress. Fine for them, they don't have a shop to support and operate, try to get back to towing full time and find time to get back into the air flying part time. Add in there getting everything back on the air on HazzardAyre Radio. This past week, I've tried not to go to the shop as much, trying to lift the weight off my shoulders. Brother Hutch and our Bishop said a prayer for the shop, and all, but that didn't help much, the same no money flow that has plagued the operation from day one, is truly getting to being too much. See its not that the shop and all that's losing money or shouldn't be, especially HighWay Hooker Toewing. Sure a not as aggressive name might inspire business , but changing the name right now in the middle of the stream would not be smart. The reason I say that is we catch at least 12 calls minimum off of Yelp, and our Google business page, which doesn't sound like much , but 12 calls at $80.00 a snag would pay the rent bill each month. Sure Rick my partner at the shop, doesn't want to go tow. He's more of a warm body, in the shop. As for me, its me. But LexiBelle just sits. Next week if we still have a shop, its knuckle down on LexiBelle, even if I've got to bring some outside people to help me get her back to operation. For a long while the doubters said that LexiBelle wouldn't be allowed on rotation with the Highway Patrol here. Talked with the captain, here, he said if she had a cosmetic makeover and a minor amount of upgrading like the wheel lift, that she'd be allowed. So it's not that we can't run. But then there's the rest of the gig here.
A year and 3 weeks ago, I drug myself out of Woods Cross Utah, here to create a new radio station here, both online as well as over the air. Over that period of time, there was the bit with Lotty's Bar that we as a AC/MC were going to convert into a aviators/bikers bar and cafe. That fell on its ass faster than Enos falling over Daisy. First $4,000.00 a month for rent, without a liquir license was too much of a gamble plus the renovation, the business climate here would not support that. So I scrubbed that. But not before there was a slight bit of turmoil from a able gal Named Brittany, who, said she'd be all that for the business. In the end she was just not as committed as the club was. Then came the shop. I got into that because some lame idiot named Delbert said he'd go in half, but he backed out. Then came Joey, good guy, but too much weed , not no money, so came July, I was in the process of getting out of the shop. Haul LiL Wolf and the Subaru, back to Twin Falls, store both where LexiBelle was at, and get my flock and Wolf-Pack outta here. But fate jumped in, a tall drinkwater sorta cowpuncher jumped in. July's Rent and Augusts rent paid. But here came September no rent. So Rick and I jumped in. But General JaxSon, blew a heater hose, that cost me $600.00 so no rent and only because I had the help of the church do I have a roof over my head. By the first week, November it was decided to bring LexiBelle here to Evanston. So Rick and I loaded up in Dark Horse, and truck to Twin Falls. With some expensive parts and fuel, LexiBelle is here. It's snow, I get the calls, but can't respond. That's about to change. But I also know if I don't slow down I'm only going to be towing on God's Highway in the sky, its time for me to do some reflecting and self repair. More Saturday morning.
Tune us in,