Monday, December 7, 2015

As old as some are, they still need a hand holder

As some of you might know the Wolf-Pack along with the Knytes watch over each other, some more than others. We are there when a member is in real trouble. Even so there are issues that we loose sight of, and only respond when a member is in a real mellofahess. As such Commander Lemmons, is under such a mellofahess. Seems as though from what I got from an early morning phone call Cmndr Lemmons has lost his warm nest. Seems as though the days of messing with many women has caught up to him, as his recent honey , gave him the boot. Oh many women will say, oh I don't mind you playing the field, but in reality , women are more territorial than men are, if not possessive. So Rick is out in his truck, but no real place to call home, so measures are under way, to locate him such. I too am looking that way to relocating to the Twin Falls area, but there's still 6 to 8 months before I can do that, but its coming none the less. The effort that was launched a year ago here has not produced fruit, and in reality continues to drag all that are involved into a pile of quick sand, and there's not much if any kind of safety line being seen. 
Now to some Wolf Notes
When I started instruction in Mrs, Brailsford's Office occupation class, our typing assignment was to type this phrase . Its time now for every good American come to the aid of his nation. A few weeks ago I was made very aware of a larger towing service out of Ogden Utah, that has began invasion, and infiltration into Wyoming. Here in Evansgone, in Green River and Rock Springs, but this is nothing new. These larger towing companies get big by stepping on smaller rural companies. I have seen it in Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and even Twin Falls and Burley. This happens when larger tow companies have the money to take out city and county government officials to way too many lunches or secretly contribute to re election funds. The fact that money greases policy made by these officials is nothing new, but to fight it, you need to spend money as well. Even if it is a ad TV campaign that makes the public aware of these things and will impact them when they need our tow services. The fact that the smaller tow companies can negotiate tow rates, and even discount some, the fact that smaller rural tow companies often donate equipment and people to fire training and so on, that quite frankly those big companies can't and wont. The big companies only see one color, Green and greed. And they don't care who they hurt in the process. 
The Toew Bro's Association has got a pending contract thing going on with CH-2 out of Salt Lake City, to do several things, make more people aware of us in towing, make more people educated on moving over and most importantly, the back door, massage parlor tacticts that these big tow companies use in expanding territory, when some don't even pay property tax, business licensing fees, sales tax fees etc. But hey they're here m Highway Patrol says send em out. 
One tow organization can't do it all it takes the strength of all in an area, that are willing to pony up money to produce an ad or two, to get the word out. Sure a news story is one thing it gets some aware, but for the 3 to 5 seconds of a news story does not sink in, running ads over a month or two especially in the winter, when tow services are needed the most is required. So I'm asking all of my Toew Bro's and Sisters, in this hour of a call to action, reach into your pockets, dig out at least $100.00 send it to us, and we can get this TV ad thing produced, and on the air. It's an election year, there's a transportation bill in congress that will effect Towing in every state, on how we run our business's, how they will be overseen, tariffs and so on. We need to get the word out of how damn valuable we in towing are. Help us to help you, because we are all in this business together, if we don't fight now, lets not complaign when we loose territory, or loose our companies due to the big companies stepping on us. 
Gotta get this day started , but should you need to get in touch with me for 411 on this just
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