Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Environmental climatic change is not just of our planet

Environmental Climatic change is not just the atmosphere or of the planet, its also our people. Have you ever seen uncivilization in your life. While no good old Confederate condones Planned Parenthood, going in like a bunch of hoodlums, and blasting away, like that feller in Colorado did, deserves just one thing, the same in response. Now the tax payers of that town in Colorado is going to have to pony up money to prosecute the insane idiot. My opinion, just line him up and blast him away, to hell with this three meals a day, cable TV and a law liabrary. Just shoot the perp. Seems every month, you hear of some major shooting somewhere in America. Its not just ISIS, or the followers of such, its our own people. Much of it driven, by poverty. Hey can't pay rent, can't buy food, can't pay utilities, solution, go shoot someone or do a mass shooting somewhere, get fame albeit, in the wrong way, but fame none the less. You also get a 5x5 cell, all complete with a constant temprature all the food you can eat 3 times a day, vocational training, cable TV and albeit not a good quality, but a life. So why not go out and do some crime or travesty? This is why we are seeing all this big bang shit. And it's not the TV show. Until we take back our nation, this is what we can expect. There is only one solution and it resolves around one symbol,
 You get the idea. How long are you whoever with holds their mind and refuses to follow the Confederate Party and the United Confederate States of America? How long before you wake up and find it in your mind and your heart to part with $100.00 that your going to blow anyhow on some extravagant meal, and send that to the UCSA, care of Knytes-of-Dixie, 96 East Hayden #C202 Evanston Wyoming 82930 If we got enough coming in we could mount an effective effort of bringing up the issues not be talked about. On such domestic things that better concern you, like Agriculture , trucking, aviation and others. I have yet to hear Donald Trump, or Ben Carson say what he's going to do to assist farmers, or fix our highways or deal with the DOT and other surface transportation issues, not involving the railroad. When I hear that then I'll be quiet, until then I say its time to awaken the spirits of Dixie and lets, let the Pheenix of the United Confederate States of America and run a candidate. Can you see the look on the faces of the FoX News hosts at a debate, when there's a podium stand with a Dixie battle flag on the front, and who is publicly standing out as a candidate of the Confederate Party? If you don't contribute financially for me, do it for yourself, since the liberty and freedom you save, might just be your own.
L8R Aviators,