Saturday, December 12, 2015

A bit off center

When it comes to those human musky smells or aromas does it matter which gender catches a whiff as to if the smell is rotten, or if its pleasing? And does it matter ? Example; a woman's crotch. If a guy smells it , it may come off as to a very enticing inviting pleasant smell. The question is; does a woman find the smell offensive or of a maternal pleasing smell? 
Through as many years as I have been writing for the Knytes and Wolf Pack, through research at Hazzard County University (Boss Hoggs community college) that womens feet if they are bare really smell foul, yet if those feet are encased in nylons the human feet smell rather sweet. So I thought I'd dealve into the other areas of the female anatomy. Crotch, underarms and yes that hiney. We can think that the hiney is going to smell, because like it or not, because of the fact that hiney is where she drops her bio waste, its going to smell rather dungy. However if its all nice and clean, and all does it continue to smell like poo? Or no smell? Going up, the first stop, are the breasts, yes those life giving bags of nutritional  value. Because of continious excreation of lactational liquid its under those breasts unless recently washed are going to smell like rotten milk.
Okay so we leave the breasts, for the underarms. Nothing really new either way. Arm pits are going to smell like Deorderant or salt. Then there are other areas, behind her ear that you just love to nibble on, and few women put perfume behind, that waste ear wax sweat, smells like horse wax. So we have the places most women smell . So the question is, does it depend on who smells it, if its a guy do all areas of her anatomy smell bad or do most offer an inviting aroma. Or and do women if they catch these smells find them to just stink, or welcoming aromas? More research is required.
L8R Aviators,