Friday, December 4, 2015

Maybe blue sky on the horizon?

As I got up a few ago to drain my main vein, and waiting for the water to heat so I can get some of Lillie off of me before I go back to sleep for a few hours, I turned my computer on and watched Silk Stalkings on Hulu. After that looked at the local classifieds for a slightly less expensive shop, but on the cuff thought I'd look up what was in eastern Idaho. Saw that housing prices, even without housing assistance there are a great deal less than they are here in Evansgone. Then looked at the condition and thought, if housing is less there, but with Idaho's economy , being one of if not the fastest growing economies in America, I started to think, again, and wonder; what the hell am I doing here in Evansgone? Is this pain and all worth it? After all not only have I not gotten tight or hardly smelled the bush with even one human female here, but the fact that there is just so much of my income I can be devoting to a shop, that as it is, is not producing any return, at least to me. Before too long this shop is going to be in the arrears of $10k. I only make myself $1,900.00 a month. By the time you take the $500.00 for vehicle insurance LexiBelle and all, then $350.00 Internet/cable, $250.00 child support, and another $200.00 for long term care for one child, then $450.00 for my half of the shop rent that I'm not making anything out of, leaves me a whopping $150.00 which after I pay my apartment rent does not leave much wiggle room if any. So is all of this worth it? Or would it be smarter, if I moved back into Idaho, where expenses are less, but income is greater, or find cheaper shop with Rick, and stay a bit longer? After all if all we are using the shop for is mainly our own fix it shop, and a one or two paying service jobs that are quite too few, wouldn't finding a shop that is much less per month? These are the things I'm into right now. All I'm doing at this point, is finishing up what I have to do on my own rigs at the shop, finding elsewhere for em just in case big bawd Landlord gives us the boot. 
$900.00 a month for a shop not producing, and requires a partnership to make it work. Or $350.00 for office space/studio for our radio station here, that requires no partner. Tough decisions.
L8R Aviators,