Monday, December 28, 2015

Something tells me that attendance at our ward is going to be rather shy

From what I was able to comprehend at last Sunday's service at our LDS Ward was that meeting times would be changing. Why they need to change is beyond me but hey I don't make those decisions. While it's not no big deal for me, getting my body verticl at 07:00 get dressed and all and to meeting at 09:00 might be a rough challenge but nothing I can't handle. Yet I think for many pulling some out of their fart sacks at those hours will most likely be a real deterent to many attending. Many of the oldies and moldies there will gripe and those with special needs children and all, those kids need and desire to remain horizontal all bundled up and warm most of the time and not wanting to climb out. Makes one consider what would it be like if our Heavenly Father, would think, ah I'm pooped , I don't want to get up, I'll stay in bed with the angels, bother me Monday. When we put our Bibles and attitudes towards Heavenly Father on the shelf, and don't pray, don't attend meetings, don't do what we promise to do every week when we take the sacrament that's the renewal of that promise, that we will worship and obey, not a mid service piece of bread and a sip of h2O . Many including youth should learn that, as well as learn what's what on the bearing testimony , not go up and being coached. If they don't understand it and need to be coached its not being truly felt, but that's all a subject for a new entry. 
So then I'm a very poor example of church protocol, and obedience . I chew, I consume barley pops, and I lust for the finer things in life, including fine women. Yes I'm very selective. I want a starlet southern belle, not some overweight half drugged been down everything but the Titanic grizzley bear that appears somewhat female human. And yes I will admit there are times, I'll spy someone in our Ward and a few out of the 4th Ward, that do look good, and wonder does that package perform as well as it looks? Yes it's a fact that the bible tells us, and its in the Ten Commandments, that goes Thou shalt not covet another mans wife or property. Although I don't think that a guys better half is his property. Most women that I know are free spirits, and don't want nor desire to be property or a in a way as its currently constructed in the eyes of the church a mans female human servant. Sure the Relief Society and other assignments in the church are important, but in my way of thinking women ought to be able to hold the Priesthood, as well as preside in more advanced places in the church such as President and see-er of the church. Ask any man to be honest and its his female companion that sees and does most of the heavy lifting in a marriage and home, not just kids, cooking and laundry. 
So its early mornings for Church now, question is why can't they do this during the summer months? Which would work great for me, Church in the mornings, and NASCAR in the afternoons. 
My opinions I could be wrong.
L8R Aviators,