Saturday, December 12, 2015

Damn there's a lot of stupid on display here in Evanston Wyoming

If critters and natural beauty were all there is to it, and pretty much any more it is, Evanston Wyoming, would be a leader on the tourists guides. Where else can you look outside your balcony window, and see crisp mountain air, snow capped mountains and mule deer frolicking in an empty lot, just a few feet from you. Yet we seem to have a serious epidemic in the stupid category. Now I have seen sheer stupid in Twin Falls Idaho with getting in a car or SUV,(Mormon troop carrier) and turning their brains off as they start the dang thing. I have seen absolute ignorance in those taking off the brake and throwing out their brains in Utah, but never have I seen anything like the real idiots behind the wheel like I see daily here in Evanston. Seems it'd be better for the motoring public if they put a copy of the drivers handbook, in with the Book of Mormon. This way these people might read and obey, I say might. For the most part most of these people have got it, but that thing on the side of the steering wheel is to let those approaching you at a stop light know what the hell it is your going to do. At least 200 feet or better before the intersection. How about coming to a complete stop at a stop light or stop sign, not these out in the Boonies pauses. Damn it the word says , " STOP !!!", The list goes on but, and there be some seriousness to this, maybe its the open, who cares recreational controlled substances use here. If it's not Meth, its weed, and a considerable amount of nose candy. Of course there are the classic battles of the haves and have nots, and most of the battle can be seen even in an LDS church Ward. You have all the fantastic greetings at the door, but sit down, and you'll hear such things as, ah don't sit next to him, he smells funny, or ah doesn't he have anything better to wear? Answer, yes I do, just they ain't clean and I ain't heard one of those stuck ups offer to come over and help clean house(1 bedroom apartment) and do wash. Not one, but my can they set themselves up for one serious nosedive into that infamouse pile of manure. My Mom taught me a grand saying that goes the bird that flys to high ends up in a cow platter(pile of manure) That means about the time you begin to think your all that is about the time God, shows you, damn well you ain't. Now saying that, no I don't think I'm the perfect driver, However I do try to remember the lessons from Mr. Meachum my high school drivers ed teacher, plus the old salty dog of a retire UHP trooper turned trucker instructor. And of course John W Nausbaum of Johnny's Towing (the original) of Twin Falls. Of course I drive like I fly, and remember things from flight instruction, in the Marines, then back here, when I converted my military license into my civilian license. Pilots do everything better. 
So if you like wildlife, if you like remote locations to live, and can stand arrogant and plain stupid people on controlled substances then Evanston Wyoming is for you.
L8R Aviators.