Thursday, November 29, 2012

So it was so it is Hoorah


I relish and enjoy old aged TV shows.

The treasured ones, especially of course, the Dukes-of-Hazzard, Airwolf, Movin On and yes B.J. & the Bear. and historically although not history accurate, BlackSheep Squadron.

What makes my mind roll is when I see actors from one show on another and think was this on before or after their hit gig?

Like last night on Movin On, I saw both Sonny Shroyer aka Enos DOH, and Ben Jones aka Cooter DOH on that episode, Ben was a wise guy, and Sonny was working for a Wise Guy(mobster) , so I think was this series on b4 or after the Dukes? Then of course guy who played Tubbs on Miami Vice was on Movin On , Wednesday.

The actors that are kids then, you think what do they look like now? And did they stay acting? Many childhood actors don’t.

James Earl Jones was on Highway to Heaven, Tuesday night, was Darth Vader b4 or after Highway to Heaven?

The list goes on , but you get the idea. Some stars retain their looks like Gunnila Hutchins from Hee Haw fame, then some pass on to the real Grand Old Opry in Heaven.  There is one, ya’ll know, just has to be.

Then ya’ll wonder, could such shows be produced even accepted today?

I’ve often thought what it’d be like to see a modern version of HeeHaw run todayhee-haw-logo could it be done? If so why run repeats? Roll out new programming that unites the two eras and introduces our youth to images and family values we enjoyed.

The answer I get from many is, it costs too much , or haven’t you heard we are in a financial depression? Perhaps, but during a economic downturn is just the right time to create new shows. Actors and actress's who would cost three times the cost who aren’t doing much today are thrilled to be working now if they get a gig. I say throw em a script and git-r-done.

One of the things I’m most proud of, although Dixie Toewing and all its extensions have had one helluva bumpy ride these last 6 years. But AyreWolf Aviation has not only kept up, but has exceeded in earnings and money income increasing 60% over those 6 years, every one of those 6 years. AyreWolf started in Utah and while Utah is more economically advantaged over Idaho, the fact is AyreWolf Aviation succeeded when I threw down, the chains of going toewing mostly over the high cost of going towing in Utah, and focused my efforts in getting into the air and staying there.

Will lightning strike twice? Who knows but could be.

Finally and I’ll get into this more Friday, the plans are being put together to stage a VMA214/VMF214 BlackSheep Squadron Reunion and AyreShow to be held at the Twin Falls Airport, in 2014.

Only 5 of the original lead flight members of the original squadron are still alive two of which are very frail. However we’ll get em here to pay tribute, if you’re a fan of military WARBIRD aviation, you have to be at this show.

Again more on this Friday.

Big day today, have an interview for the club at 14:00 so its bunk time.

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