Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Email Sex Scandall or Republican Slam and just who is the FBI working for?


During the Clinton administration after Bill won his second term, the Republican’s started hammering away at both Bill and his wife. Ultimately the Lewiski thing surfaced in about the same process. Somebody blew a whistle and Bill was beaten.

Today , now that Obama kicked the ass of the Republicans in the election, we have our FBI/CIA, beating two esteemed military Generals of rank only a few achieve, just because of some slightly sticky emails.

Damn, people , grow the hell up.

Who hasn’t played whoochee with a female employee. Or sent emails that until they say quit or I’m calling the fuzz, we try and swoon the younger super hotties. Why? Mostly because mama at home ain’t doing the right night moves.

Okay then so lets look at this, in its uncovered no bull form, Clinton Lewiski, Obama, The two Generals. Will there be the mysterious stain on the shoes of Miss Jill Kelley? I don’t think so.

But the question remains , who is the CIA/FBI working for? Our President, or Congressman , John Bonner?

Is there some real reason this deserves major news air, or something that is harmless? You be the judge.

Now there’s 411 Jill Kelley has ties to Boise. Paula Broadwell’s mother lives in Boise.

Who cares , and besides who cares if the General was getting some touchy feel , while the gal was helping him write his autobiography.

Was it the General that started the affair, if you really want to call it that, ? Or did a gal, intrigued and awed by a high ranking military officer, want some of that extra special seed?

So far there is no indication of real serious sexual contact.

But I think its more of a Republican slap back to the Democrats and President Obama.

Next entry, my thoughts of KSAW and why they might just be winning the sales race in the Twin Falls area of Idaho.

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