Thursday, November 29, 2012

So I did the newspaper sniff, wasn’t all that bad


So as planned and a grand surprise, got a visit from and did a interview complete with pics, with some lady reporter with the illustrious Times News.

Now then, do I really think the thing will really get printed? No, as few if anything the AyreWolvez have been working on or worked on , or was truly newsworthy that so many arrogant and ignorant reporters and outside of our squadrons news media department gives.

Forget the toy collections for in need kids, or the food collection, projects, forget the visit Vets like ourselves and those much older than us, that we do, no, forget that. Nobody especially in the news business here in this area care about that.

The turn off’s have easily been the assemblage of female models for ads for the squadron or to photograph for later airbrushing on vintage warbird aircraft. There is the simple spoof we did on the two words TOE and TOW, where I kissed the toes of a gal. The auditioning and casting calls for that were seen as being while not porn in itself was borderline.

Forget the fact for 5 years now, we have been trying to raise money for a Military Aviators Memorial wall, and a traveling wall for those who lost their lives in all wars from all military branches who wore a set of wings.

But hey I threw out the welcome mat, got interviewed and no we see if we get printed or shunned.

Internet has been on and off most of the day. And the wifi piggybacking from near by McDonalds is not all that stable. Look to have the problem fixed by next month, meaning by meeting time.

Speaking of which, the January meeting will be at I-Hop rather than Anchors. Call me if ya’ll have questions.

The spring all squadron conference will be in Salt Lake City, and a mini airshow, in Tooele, will be part of that conference.

Finally throwing out an invite for anybody web construction able to build the ultimate military air combat warrior web site. If that’s you, find my phone number on FaceBook, we have a page there.

Finally got to remind ya’ll looking for Miss AyreWolf and 11 2013 SheWolvez. Hey a part time job that pays $100.00 an hour ain’t bad, so if you think you have the bod and attitude, again call me or see me at Anchors.

Fly a good Day.

L8R Aviators

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