Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beware of TV ad's and mail order

I don't usually like posting things that trashes any one thing so I won't. That said I see many products advertised during the breaks that normally are set for local stations, of which both Cable-One and even a few other TV stations here don't have sponsors for, including KBAX TV here in Twin Falls.

RTV TV Network was bought by RFDTV and is ran under the Family Net/Rural TV banner here.
Which is good, since Cable One was too stuck up to put those networks on their system, but there is a hang up here.
Family Net / Rural TV is ran by a Church, no big deal after all even churches need to make a dollar, problem is KBAX does not have its own sales team. Meaning to buy time on there one has to go to the network.
If you remember , RFDTV was the network that pitched the plan for us at KDXC Radio in Gooding when me and Nurse GoodBody was there to go nationwide doing the early morning show raking in a whopping $200K a month. If only all would have stuck together there. But that's a story for another entry.
What I do see , is countless products, that are poorly made, and less than always backed by those making and selling these products. In many cases if you need to return something , good luck in getting your money back. Like Strutz foot sox. Touted as a relief for all day standing feet, is not what they are made out to be. Makes ya'll wonder where the Family Values Holier than thou KBAX and so on as well as Rural TV, value their viewers by allowing a con game on their channel/ Network.
And they all had a problem with me smooching a toe on TV or a gal in a flight suit, by a vintage warbyrd for AyreWolf Radio.
Getting the drift.
But I and the AyreWolves never give up, watch that network for ads for HazzardAyre and AyreWolf Radio coming in a few months.
Have bad news, yee old AyreWolf here has diabetes. Yep me does. FAA has issued a waiver, but still, had a too high sugar episode Tuesday at work, so stayed at the new Wolf's Den at the intersection of Washington and Addison in Twin Falls, yesterday, rested and will call in to see if Charlie needs me. If not , hauling over to check on LexiBelle in Burley and then to Charlies Cafe( no relation to each other) there in Burley to chow down.
Happy Thanksgiving