Wednesday, November 28, 2012



There are changes in season of everybody’s life where the choice of flyte paths needs to change.

For the past 35 years my butt has been planted in the groove of going towing in a tow truck when not flying.

However, in today’s tow business arena, is it worth busting ass in all kinds of weather for a few hundred dollars a week toews? Or get back in the air at $800.00 an hour flying?

Consider this, if I tool on a bike building into a chopper project, I might get back $75,000.00 of the final price of $200,000.00 in the total price of the build.

If I restore a vintage warbird , I can get a return on investment of nearly $3,million after the final price is paid for the build.

Which one would YOU choose?

For now I twittle over at A1 with Charlie and crew, Charlie takes care of the money, but My eyes are more on finding a spot at a nearby airport, build a hangar, build and restore warbirds and military choppers of the flying kind, hey Hazzard County Choppers could as easily build helicopters as we do bikes.

As far as toewing, not tossing in the towel, just putting the idea on a nearby shelf until such time as I can figure out a place to run it where I can still get enough calls to get a return on that investment.

More Thursday.

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