Thursday, November 22, 2012

Looking at retiring

I think everyone looks in the mirror and says this ain't it anymore.

For me, and although this is very early in the flyte plan of mine, still after nearly 37 years of towing, battling with unfair law enforcement call out lists, outdated equipment I can't afford to replace right now, the thoughts are simply to restore LexiBelle to her original or nearly original condition with just a click of custom, and then only drive it in parades and similar.
The rest of the time, FLY. 
With the lifting of FAA regs of weight requirements or limitations of aviators(pilots) and all, plan is, find a good air school to recertify, my GA. Talk to Cousin Gordon, in Alaska, get him to relinquish the hold on the aircraft in Utah, find a hangar in the valley here, and move that aircraft here , and fly during the summer, spraying crops, plus air rescue , and running air freight. 
The rest of the time spend more time with my Fly Brothers in the AyreWolvez, build that back up along with AyreWolf Radio and then just relax.
While its premature right now I'm considering this very strongly.
Plus with Charlie also a owner of a very successful tow service here, I'd not want to be in direct competition with him, considering he'll be doing payee duties for my Social Security funds etc. Which is 80% of the reason I moved from Burley here to Twin Falls. 
What company I run the tow service although none operational but would be on the doors of LexiBelle is undecided right now, but getting AyreWolf Aviation back in the air and on the air is strongly becoming a strong priority.
But with only a few hours for sleep, until I call Charlie for 411 on today's duties, I bid ya'll adue
Happy Thanksgiving