Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is Idaho only going to be known for the famous potato?


I had a moment of partial clarity today that has been boiling inside me for quite some time. The minds ability to suppress anger when the heart, body and soul just wants to kick ass. But I’m digressing here.

Saturday is the day of rest, despite what the popular culture or religious bodies tell you, Saturday is the Sabbath day. Changed only through political pressure in ancient Roman times. So I sat at home, and caught a rebroadcast of the Disney Make Your Mark dance contest on the Disney Channel.

More than 90,000 entries of youth 17 and younger submitted tapes and uplinked videos to Disney to win the coveted prize to be a guest dance troupe on the Disney series Shake It Up. Remember here , HazzardAyre tried to get some of ya’ll involved but most of ya’ll just snubbed your nose at us.

No entries from Idaho. Why?

Then I watched the Mark Zuckerberg story of creating Facebook. Not done in a fancy swanky facility but in the dorm room at Harvard. With little to no start up money, in fact no money, but only a belief he had a great concept.

Of course there are some albeit slight inventions that have came out of Idaho, TV was created in Rigby Idaho. But shy of that its our great tater that gets the gold star, but not or very little of anything else. Again the question is WHY?

I have nothing bad or wrong to say anything against farmers, farming, or the Tater, Hell I eat, I love taters, but is all that there is here? Is that all we as a state population want from our state? Even the Magic Valley? There’s a local talent contest supported by a local church and some civic group, that showcases what local musical and poetic talent there is here. However unless you’re a butt licker of the establishment forget being invited to that party.

There was a , and maybe there will be again a America’s Next Top Model local talent search thing, but it wasn’t created to showcase the local model want to be’s here, it was a big in your face finger from a local TV station to the Knytes that trickled down to us in the Winged Warriors. We forgive as God tells us to do, but we don’t forget. After all God does not forget or side step vengeance nor will we. A subject for another time.

But now lets look beyond what will be and those few things that we passed on due to pressure from the all to often hecklers, that could be today and putting money into Idaho’s revenue pocket.

Long before Ben Jones(aka Cooter) created Cooter’s Place , The , then, Hazzard County Knytes, along with the Montgomery Foundation, had the idea of putting together a Hazzard County/Dukes-of-Hazzard theme park honoring the Dukes. Created on the idea of backdrops of the original township site of Hazzard as seen on TV. The investors were there, the employees were there, the club was there. The there was exactly where that Energy company wanted to put a nuclear power plant. They, like us got turned down by every public official, and agency. Imagine a clean them park dedicated to the Dukes of Hazzard with rides, tours, plays, and theater amongst other things going on there. Imagine the financial and employment growth, that would have been the yield there if a few bigots hadn’t said, naw not here.

By the way two sites in Idaho, and 3 in Utah are under consideration for a retry at that, a Hazzard County memorial museum, and park. One is near Burley, one between Arco and Blackfoot . In Utah, well I’m getting ahead of myself.  At the heart, a place of one in NC, called The Boars Nest,West. More that some other time.

In the 1980’s there was two TV shows that reigned supreme over many others, one of course was the Dukes of Hazzard, the other and here’s where we come in, one called Airwolf. A little rework of words you have HazzardAyre.

But I’m getting off course here into our business.

I use us as a reference and example. While getting employees for a venture before you have it running may be getting the milking machine before the cow, and I am so sorry and fully apologetic to anyone that we might have hurt, but it was a market test to see , just how many ladies and others would get involved in creating a super radio station and satellite/cable TV channel network here in our area. To see just how many were qualified, both technically and talent wise. How many computer techs, web developers, and other creative people, that for little to no money would jump in at first to create the next Disney Land or Facebook, in Idaho.

Sure we asked for folks to come to the house, and yes it might have been better to have started where its going to go anywhere in that studio/office in Buhl, but so too, Mark didn’t have a BIG office or a studio when he created Facebook, or The Facebook, or Facemash either. He did it in his dorm room, and even when going to Palo Alto CA, his hq was a duplex house. Guess Palo Alto women are more open minded. I have facts that back up that claim as well.

A recent Gallop Poll ranks Idaho, as the number 8 top conservative state in the Union. Utah is down at number 15 somewhere.

I met a fellow that looking at creating a record label here in Twin Falls, with a few investors he has a facility, I don’t think he could do it on his own. Somehow he thought that HazzardAyre would be an asset, there a bunch of reasons that wouldn’t work, but any mile, he even admits that he’s sorry he ever came to Idaho.

This outgo instead of an influx of new people coming in with ideas of things other than raising spuds or milking cows , is what will turn our states unemployment and fiscal financial crisis around.

Sure I’ll admit, I live on a mere Social Security check plus whatever I can make out of AyreWolf Aviation and or Dixie Toewing. That is the results, of Montgomery Foundation Trustee’s investing money about $600K into a annuity that went belly up after some people in that annuity got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. If I’m lucky by the time the law suit by the Montgomery Foundation, against Metro Securities of Washington State is over, after the attorneys get done I might see $150k. That’s why I’m here getting what I get. While I should be happy, and just relax , I’m not. There is so much that can be done if the club and I can just get some people to pull their heads out of their ass long enough to see daylight. Forgo the concept of well until I can get a pay check, I ain’t doing anything, why not put in some volunteer time like club members do to make something for the greater good.

Hey I was born in Idaho, I saw what we did in Idaho, for Idaho in the 80’s & 90’s, and I know what Idaho is capable of. Damn it I’m not letting this state founded on Confederate ideas , go in the toilet.

As I want this state to be known for something other than the great Idaho Spud, and unleash the arts and theatrical ability we have here. Set free the technological intelligence that is in Idaho, and for once not have it all pool in Boise, Pocatello or Idaho, Falls, but Twin Falls or Jerome, we can do it too.

It’s Sunday much to do today so I’m in bed, but think about that as you read the blogs and news this Sunday while you scarfe down your oatmeal.

L8R Aviators,

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