Sunday, February 3, 2013

Could it be we go back to the days of Hazzard?

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Got a good comment, about one of my blogs last night. For once it was a good comment critical but nicely done with something constructive, which is what I am looking for in a co-host, someone to be the Devils advocate but do it not in a mean way but one to cause thought.

The whole thing I was getting to in the blog, is that, and perhaps, fantasy like, believe in the old days. Where time was marked by days walking along Hazzard Creek, throwing rocks, floating wooden boats, and eating store candy sitting on the bridge. Fishing at Oster Lakes, and just cruising on a mini bike across the desert of Bell Rapids.

Where one could leave the doors open of your car or truck, keys in the ignition, the doors to your house wide open, and not worry.

Where a gal didn’t have to carry, a tazer in her purse or mace, and feel totally safe anyway. But here’s the twister for me and for those that work at or have worked at a bar, the fact that many, not all, but many cocktail waitress’ flirt and tease, all night to get a fatter tip. Where, on a given event say Christmas Eve, looking like Santa’s Elves, wear skimpy shorts, that leave little to the imagination, yet get mad if you pitch a photo session with a truck or warbird to them. Really?

Then there is both location and area mindsets, that I can’t understand and here’s why.

Shortly after we fired AyreWolf up in Utah, I made a call to a talent agency in Provo, told them who and what I needed and where it was located. Guess what they sent me 20 candidates all at once to the Utah Wolf’s Lair, and had no problems with it. In metro Utah, which includes really big cities with a much bigger ethnic mix, and that agency had no problems with sending me people. Yet here in wanna be big city Twin Falls , the idea of getting even one gal to show up to do liners or voice overs or even sit in on a good session on air is like pulling teeth out of a rooster. As far as being a stranger, hey I dig stranger danger, but hell neither myself nor any member of the club are not alien strangers. We have roots going back eons here. As far as location, even when we did have a formal studio over in Gooding , it took weeks for some gal to walk in to interview, and a few longer weeks to get em on air. So a formal location makes no sense. The thing is its like protecting our kids from food poisons, or getting some influenza. Our bodies have an immune system, the more we over sanitize something the more those immune systems relax and are not as effective.

Uncle Jessie Duke said a stranger is just a friend we ain’t met yet.

Sure there are a lot of whackadoodle nutballs out there, but they’re far and few. But we overdo our defense mechanizms and ignore and avoid people who just might be good for us to engage with. Nobody would be super spooked or careful over sending a kid to some house to take piano lessons, and that same thing is the way we feel about female talent coming to the Wolf’s Lair. In Twin falls wanting to being a bigger city, I think they invite being over cautious.

It depends on how bad somebody wants just a job and career. I know many talent booking agents that work out of their homes, both male and female.

We can’t nor should we put off people just because of first impressions or that, go in make yourself comfortable, keep your wits about you, if something makes the hairs on the back of your neck rise, then get out, but don’t slam the door, just on preconceived ideas or notions.

But can we go back to the Days of Hazzard? Where a date at the soda fountain is just that, where if Julie needs a ride home from church and an older guy offers, that is just that a ride home from Church? Can we have a guy and a gal just be friends without the whole damn town thinking they’re shacking up. Come on. And who cares if some kid in high school has a crush on a teacher, no matter the gender. Its harmless. Hell there were two that I was damn glad and am today that didn’t mind a bit of shall we say exploration, explanation. After all both were teachers. It was Miss Mathers ,that let me find out that her vagina was not her belly button. It was Miss Jensen who showed me that Oriental vaginas did not go sideways as a few friends kidded me about, And it was Miss Egbert who taught me that her feet and toes did not smell, that in fact could be a great opening a nice evening.

I learned from many teachers things that I needed to know. Granted these were lessons and subjects that Dad’s and bigger brothers taught you. But My Dad was on the road trucking, my only Step Brother by my school years was and is still a POW/MIA , so who to teach me? My club friends? Many thought it was entertainment watching me be so street illiterate. I had no sisters and certain questions and subjects you did not bring up in front of Mom. Our Southern Baptist home was just not to think these things. I always figured though, God does not give us these urges unless he wants us to use them. So why not learn? The best thing my Mom did was when I barely turned of age, and even then I was female stupid, took $1,000.00 in cash, gave it to a hired hand at the ranch and had Cal, take me to Miss Donna’s Ranch in Wells Nevada. Even though I barely walked leaving there, I had a whole new understanding of female body parts and how to have fun with them. But up to those points I was completely stupid , on such subjects. Which is why when the radio station came around, we put on Dr. Ruth’s Sexually Speaking, and Sue Rogers Sex With Sue. So that the rest of those out there could get a healthy intelligent understanding of sexual human relations, not the misguided tribble, that one gets from Playboy, or some other cheap inaccurate source.

I’m drifting off course, here.

The simple innocent days of Hazzard, was posting a notice of gals wanted for poster girls at the shop, on the wall of the Polish Palace(now Snake River Grill) in Hazzard. 20 gals minimum would show up of ALL ages, many didn’t even care about being paid they did it for the fun of it. We did many pictorials, Jimmy’s rods, Karl Kuhn’s creations, Alfred Kuhn’s Capri, my General Lee, and LexiBelle when she still looked good, nobody felt threatened.

Sure in Thomas Wolff’s book , “ You Can’t Go Home Again” things are not the same, but can’t we start to reverse and go back to that era, and mindset? If our valley wants to retreat into a past era, lets really do it. Go retro, lets go back to when things were what they were, and not some danger someone conjures up in their mind.

Any mile have Church so gotta go, see ya’ll in the early AM after the radio show.


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