Sunday, February 3, 2013

B4 I go to bed

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Before I go to bed I had a few other things I needed to get off my chest.

I got to thinking while I was just trying to nod off about the recent new hire/intern recruitment project.

First , and being a guy I can’t understand this , but I do sort of at the same time.

First, and maybe its just Twin Falls, but it seems all too many here are or have became all to paranoid. In some other time period, this degree of paranoia was only seen in the very large metro areas like Las Vegas or Hollywierd, never Twin Falls. What happen, while I was gone somebody else pull the maybe job in a house to do the wyld thing?

The fact that most if all of what we do is geared more towards the Dukes of Hazzard rather than EasyRiders Magazine images, is why I wonder. In fact I never heard one time by myself or a club member ask a talent to rip her threads off and lets get busy. Not once. Okay true, maybe the toew kiss thing is a bit racy and more forward than some requests at a new job interview, but hey its to audition to do a bit part on a TV ad. So what? It’s not like someone said hey once I kiss your toew I’m going to feel up your leg and stick my finger in the pool. The fact that I also invited all the guys who belonged to these gals to also come to the interview and even an entire family stopped in from the Jackson Hole area , should be an indication we are not looking to be fooling around.

But beyond me, the club and that situation, what happened to Twin Falls? For several years this was the place to do business. Stores opened, although I feel for the old guy that ran a farm out where Target and all those stores are now off of Poleline and Blue Lakes is now. Course this was back when Ace Hansen Chevy was going strong. You’d come into Twin Falls in that area, and you’d see commerce on the east side, and a retention of our farm lifestyle on the west. It was a miracle to be sure, but after that guy passed away the town swooped in like buzzards and took that land. Or like out on South Washington. I can remember the only thing out there to the Airport, was a Circle K, and the Kellwood plant, oh and did I mention, the Kellwood company made nylons for JC Penny’s and Sears. But the rest of that out there was more rural than urban.

I’m not saying I hate to see economic increases and prosperity, hell I welcome it. But did Twin Falls grow too fast for its britches? Or was there another or is there another reason or happening I missed while I was in the service, and away? Hell back then even the gall darn local news rag the Times News was more open to doing news articles on new clubs and things. Not tell em one thing then do another. Same goes for KMVT. That I thought would start to get the idea, that with so many new ways to get news and entertainment now days, that partnering with us would be better than the constant feuding. Oh and yes I tried to throw the olive branch down once, but got it picked up and Chris Prejudice run after me with it. Talk about stuck up.

Maybe its because my roots are here. Hell my 4rth Cousin on my Mom’s side of the family, Dr. VV Telford, was known, loved and honored here. Shyt I’m part of that family, yet I get shunned or nearly that? But because my roots are here I keep trying along with the club, to get this stubborn donkey to move, forward. I want to see Twin Falls, in fact Idaho, get into the 21st century and climb out of this Victorian 18th century mindset that many have retreated to.

Hell, I can remember in the 80’s and 90’s, we had two discos, the Turff Club was going full bloom, CSI was open to new ideas, and Me & Ed’s Pizza was open. Women were a bit more open minded, and not running from the fear of being assaulted? Sure I know it happened then as it does now. Heck I was the victim of two attempted assaults, one just physically and one near sexually, by a mental health professional. Dad clocked the head shrink that stopped that the other was arrested and sued.

Now I’m not saying that I was not past doing a few hijinx as a teen, cruizing around. Driving my VW Diesel Rabbit inside the Blue Lakes Mall when it was running(now Fred Myers) but no one ever got hurt.

Is it because I’ve gotten older that a gal thinking of doing some talent gig of ours is fearful of entering the Wolf’s Lair here? Or what?

Sure I’m a bit bitter for not getting the credit, for things I helped to get started, here, and as well as the eye opening we as a club brought to Twin Falls by blowing this areas horn when we’d go to hot rod, and truck shows. As far as airshows, who do you think planted that seed? Has anyone ever came up to the door here and said here Pat here’s a one time money thing for that idea? Or saying, in repayment for what you and your club did once, seeing your in a bit of a stressful situation, here’s a shop, hangar or such to get you going again and thanks for your military service. Nope, but if I post an ad somewhere needing voice over help, or on camera help especially from women, its oh man, Goldie Locks is going to be ate by that big bad bear.

Any flyte its 04:00 I need to hit the rack, but ya’ll think about this, and if ya’ll want to make a mends, look me up I’m in the phone book.

L8R Ya’ll

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