Monday, November 30, 2015

Sure of a lot of outsiders using our stuff

I damn well am having grab ass with Google's Blogger here lately. Sheesh, did a Google Search for this column and came up with some off shoot of WyldAyre. Are they fucking kidding? WyldAyre for the uninformed was constructed for and of the AyreWolvez Aviation Association as a hobby page for our hobby command of our squadron. In essence its our BS blog, where we put down what we want without it being anything to do with military politics. Yet here goes Google runs off and allows someone to put up a blog on our title. Bullsbreath. But who the fck do you call. It took me 4 days to get through to some dillweed in India to get my page fixed. There must be a secret exit of qualified people at Blogger aka Google, that is letting others use OUR titles, images and so on. To whit, after the holidays, going down to Slick City, and find a web site builder, and get a web site built for the club, that is owned, managed, and paid for by the AyreWolvez, as well as the Knytes. Bottom line Blogger aka Google, this bullshit has got to stop. The question I have in such things, has anyone taken Google to court on the heels of theft of intellectual property? More over, how much of what you blog etc, is YOURS? And how much is retained by Google? BTW WyldAyre Radio returns, yes sir, Tune in later this morning or this evening starting at 21:00 
L8R Aviators,