Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Just what would it be like to be smothered by nyloned feet and Win 10 is about as good as WIN ME

Somehow as I was sleeping and it might have just been erotic dreaming, for some reason our carnal passions peak when we are in REM sleep, can't understand it, but I recalled several times some pictorial events for the concept of coupling the words TOE and TOW into what finally my grandest intern Emme put the words together as TOEW, but I began to recall one afternoon when I was I think 15 years old or so, when on a afternoon, a friend of my Dads was tending me while he did some company business. Now the guy had a pretty hot wife, two daughters that had really hot legs and were not intimidated. So I had them all put on some nylons and take their smelly feet and cover my nose and mouth to see just how bad that would smell if it did at all. It didn't one of those gals later in life went on to being one of our poster girls for the club earning over $500k, but that's a subject for another time. Then there was Robin(Miss Dixie Diesel 1993) who did the same thing, situation was she too went on to being a feature talent for several truck manufacturers, Then of course there were several other the most impressive of all Erin, Miss AyreWolf 2009 , Emme was one of the SheWolvez, that too in another entry here. So with the dawning of finding new talent for things kissy, smelly toes in hose(

So for that I did a Google Search to see if there was anybody else that undertook this task, of just being nearly smothered under toes in hose. Know what? Except for some serious porn, I could not find one site that exhibited this event. Maybe I have the world record on this concept, too bad it does not make me any money nor the ayre club any money. What it all boils down to is this; 2016 is the year both the Knytes and the AyreWolvez will be spending serious cash to doing serious TV print and poster girl, pin up ads and projects, and when I say serious money, right at $15, million serious dollars. The catch finding female model talent that will go the extra miles on toes in nylon hose against my nose for these ads. Of course there's other parts here. From standing on the wings, to lying with a Harley, our shop and the club is figuring on putting its ah next best feet forward to tell America of us and of course HazzardAyre/WyldAyre Radio and TV. 
Now, many of the so called area talent agencies near here are not to keen of their talent interacting with me or club members. I thought we had someone earlier in October that would be in it for the long haul, but she copped out, I think more to Hubby dislike than anything else. But the search is on for talent, paying a minimum of $200.00 an hour, and awarding a two year contract depending on the models attitude, aptitude and dependability of $200K per year. I checked out several Facebook pages that deals with this, and while the gals featured are super hot, there is no and none contact information, from John Leglover's page to Perfect Pantyhose, they are more porn related than real model, pin up recruitment pages. If there is anyone that is of the female human gender that thinks you can handle it, and want to audition, give me a call at the number below, 
 Which brings me 
to another subject here. We as a company are in the motions of putting the old handle that I lit the candle of our ground forces going towing. What we will be doing is converting Highway Hooker Toewing (mis-spelled on purpose) and replacing that with RodeWolf Toewing, which will compliment AyreWolf Aviation, much better. On the Hazzard County side of things, the goal for 2016 Hazzard County Choppers will give way to a old handle for the shop; Cooter's Kustmz(customs) since we are wrenching on not only bikes but rat rods, and heavy trucks and restoring old John Deere's. This gets back to the need of the models, we aim to put ads out and up that will rival anything we ever have done, but the story of our company and why people need to spend money at our shop, with us, needs to be told. We have the venues picked out and three production firms including ours at SouthernSteele Media waiting, for the project to begin in March and wrap in July 2016. 
Now finally this morning as I get things together for the early morning edition of WyldAyre Radio, www.livestream.com/wyldayreradio I need to say this. Who ever at Microsoft that designed WIN 10, must be the same neanderthals that designed WIN ME. Since both perform about the same. Although WIN 10 is worse than WIN ME. Any way need to catch a shower and get ready for the early morning radio show.
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